Jungle Mania


Our number one value and priority is our community. They’re what make Jungle Mania, Jungle Mania. We aim to fulfil our promises and wishes whilst building new relationships with our community and helping each other thrive in a safe environment.


“By being yourself you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before.” Innovation strives from being unique and that’s what we aim to be at all times. One of our core principles is to be leaders in innovation and to pioneer our way into Metaverse history.


Helping vulnerable and endangered animals is a core belief of Jungle Mania. By using NFTs to bring awareness to endangered animals, we can help highlight the ongoing issues with animal extinction and habitat loss. We are also looking to save, protect, adopt, shelter and feed endangered animals in our own sanctuaries. The animals are given a chance to live in peace and as a result, the rate of extinction decreases.

In Progress

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