Jungle Mania

Worlds First Interchangeable NFT Movie

Exploring a brand new dynamic in the Metaverse by allowing dynamic NFTs to use their characters in our movies.

Worlds First Metaverse Cinema

Meticulously paving the way for the film industry to blossom in the Metaverse by introducing our Metaverse Cinemas. Allowing creative film makers and actors to roam freely.

Worlds First Metaverse Film Festival

A film festival in the Metaverse to showcase talent and help discover under appreciated actors and directors and to hopefully launchpad their careers. We will also showcase trailers for any upcoming films in our Metaverse cinemas!

Jungle World VR Experience

Engaging the community into an informative and family friendly VR Experience that will entail fun by allowing you to visit all sorts of animals including extinct ones! As well as educate people on the dangers of extinction and vulnerable animals.

In Progress

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